4 September 2016

Over the past couple of months we have achieved a couple of notable projects at the Bloch. Because the winter veggies had done pretty poorly I dug over the garden beds, removing every struggling thing planted months ago – cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and re-composted the beds with chook manure to make ready for spring planting.  The only plants surviving are the garlic and some beetroot.  We now have borders around three of the beds, making it neater and contained. The fourth garden bed is a planting of green manure, a bit of an experiment, which will be dug over in the next month or so.  There is not enough compost on site as yet for the veggie patch so I had to import some in.

veggie patch Spring 2016

We started on the landscaping of the frog pond last weekend, after receiving our order of a crate of flagstones (“new oyster” of about 17 sqm).  I wasn’t sure whether a crate would be enough for what we want to achieve – both the surrounding of the pond and then a winding pathway up the western boundary through the silver birches. I think we should have enough.

Landscaping 2016

I’ve been working on some ideas for a native garden for Norm’s corner, incorporating the frog pond, some logs from the cedar for sitting on, the second lemon scented gum….  There are so many ugly weeds in that corner I don’t really know how to start and how it would be maintained.  Choosing plants will be fun.

Today I fed all the trees with a seaweed liquid fertiliser, walking up and down the hill with my green watering can, making trips back and forth from the garden tap. A couple of magpies circled menacingly for the first half hour, and then must have decided I posed no threat, or didn’t like the stick I was waving about, and disappeared.  Next, I need to compost and mulch the trees, placing my watering bags around the most needy. (I have only 16 ecobags, so will prioritise the fruit trees).  I am determined to get some growth from them this year.

I also spent a couple of hours just going over the ground where the blackberry maze had been razed. The eastern half of this ground is pretty well prepared now for mowing.  The western half still has long shoots hiding under decaying matter, alive and ready to spring back when the weather gets warmer. There are also many stones, rocks and logs in the way, needing to be cleared before taking the lawn mower over it.




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