17 July 2016

All the blackberries have now been razed and all that remains are huge piles of ugly stalks dotted over the northern boundary.  The huge atlas cedar looks half stripped as perhaps one or two more large branches have fallen in some strong winds and are balancing precariously high on other limbs, unable to find a way to the ground.  I can’t believe how much ground we have reclaimed now that we can walk over the space previously inhabited by thorns.

Today I begun my woodland themed western boundary planting.  Silver birches, a gingko and another lemon scented gum were planted today in what appears to be a rich dark soil.  It’s shady here in the afternoon, still quite sheltered from the westerly winds by the huge eucalypts that cast there long shadows at this time of year.

Our frog pond that we installed last month has filled with water from the above average rainfall received so far this winter.  By early spring I will put in some water plants, and hopefully do some landscaping using flagstone pavers and some native planting to surround the edges.

Snow fell this week, blanketing the Bloch in mysterious white.


Today we found the shed in a sorry state, missing a couple of sheets of corrugated iron from its roof.  The wind had ripped them off and they lay in the grass beside the shed.  Time to get the shed repaired – the guttering, the tank, a door, and may some other features.  There is so much light now inside.  Surely we could use some clear perspex on the roof?

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