11 January 2016

The veggies have outgrown the boundaries of the fence with pumpkins crawling up the wire and finding their way amongst the corn and zucchini.  Corn, tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkin have all grown vigorously over the past month, and we have started harvesting enormous zucchini – marrow would be a more accurate description.  The potatoes have been disappointing. I may have planted these too late in the season. All in all though, I am constantly surprised every time I visit the Bloch that the veggies are still alive.  Watering has been deep but less often than I would normally water at home.  I think that the soil holds moisture really well, and that our preparation over winter has made a difference to its quality.  We can reap the rewards now.

Veggie patch Jan 2016

Veggies Jan 2016

I noticed lots of little lizards in the veggie patch and also ladybirds on the corn.  I also notice there are no pests or bugs in numbers that I have to worry about. So far, so good!

Today I used all the beautiful compost which had been maturing over the last couple of months to compost the fruit trees, including the lemon, and also the silver birch and the ornamental pear – 6 trees.  A whole bin of compost doesn’t seem to go very far!  I made 5 trips up the hill and across to the eastern boundary with wheelbarrow loads of compost, mulch and hoses as I simultaneously watered and mulched.  I now can connect two hoses together and a drip hose to water the 3 first fruit trees on the eastern boundary.  The others other two trees along this boundary are a dead cherry tree which I must replace with  perhaps a plum or two, and an experiment with a neglected nectarine which is looking just fine.

I filled the empty compost bin with some lake weed I had collected from the Council’s dredging dump, and kitchen scraps and chook poo.  There is very little composting material at the Bloch, so I am compelled to ship it in at the moment.

The grasses are long and crunchy dry, and blackberry shoots are coming up everywhere.  It’s terribly hard work to keep them in check, but Eug replaced the blades on the mower and next time we will cut them as close to the ground as possible on the southern boundary.

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