12 December 2015


Veggie patch

We finally got the water connected at the Block and it has been wonderful to use a garden tap to water the veggies, rather than cart water in plastic containers in the back of the car. I’ve spent a couple of hours at the Block  during the week watering when it has been particularly dry.  The rainfall this Spring has been dismal.  Though the veggies are now well cared for, the fruit trees on the eastern boundary are really stressed, with one pear tree carrying black leaves, the other wilting seriously.  The hose is just not long enough to reach this boundary, so today we repeatedly filled the wheel barrow from the top of the Block, carting water over to each tree in a last ditch effort to save them. We gave the lemon and silver birch a good soaking at the same time.

During the last couple of months, the leaves on the lemon scented gums have been eaten by an unknown small animal.  I attempted to protect one of the them today with wire.  The same has happened to the silver birch, but being a much bigger tree I think it will be okay to leave as is, as most of the leaves are too high to be eaten.

Last month I attempted to plant some salvias, rosemary and sage I had propagated, and some flower seeds at the side of the shed facing north.  Eug built up the earth with horse manure from inside the shed and I had hoped that water dripping from the roof of the shed would be enough to keep them alive.  However, most have died, so I planted some left over tomato seedlings that I can now water.  We built a little path of rocks that were dug up to make the garden bed. It could also serve to protect plants from small animals like possums and rabbits perhaps.

The blackberries have come back with a vengeance, so today Eug mowed the southern boundary and the maze and I am feeling a little better about once again taking control over them.  The mower, though, requires serious blade maintenance – in fact, replacement. I followed up with the hedge clippers for a more thorough attack at destroying each plant individually.  Back breaking work.

I was turning the compost over today when I came across three frogs that had made their home there.  They must have emerged from one of the bathtubs full of murky water.  I hope they find their way back to the compost heap or a new home near by.


Frog in the compost

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One Response to 12 December 2015

  1. Lydia Noyes says:

    Gotta love compost in all its forms. I’ve been using a really great, low tech/small scale composting system that does a great job of taking care of waste materials that can otherwise be difficult to compost. Check it out!! http://livingechoblog.com/the-hawaiian-maggonator/

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