24 October 2015

We have decided against fixing up the shed and water tank for now because we need water sooner rather than later – and the shed is a big repair job.  It has hardly rained the whole month – a scant 2.5 mm, and it is becoming desperate for the veggies we have planted.  So we got a quote to connect to the mains water supply and have organised a plumber to install a water meter and tap.  A 100 metre hose will be laid on the ground to the bottom of the block and a garden tap installed near the veggie patch.  This way we can attach a garden hose and also water the trees – the poplars and the liquid amber, and maybe the fruit trees, though they are a long way away on the eastern boundary.

In the meantime the veggies have all popped up, much to my great surprise and excitement.  We have potatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, corn and I have just planted some Grosse Lisse tomato seedlings that I raised from seed.  The veggie patch needs constant attention as it gets weedy and some blackberry shoots still pop up.  We filled wheelbarrow loads of the last of the dirty water from the old horse trough and carted it over to the patch to pour on the seedlings.  The water is probably high in nutrients, but it was viscous and inadequate.   If only it would rain!

I have some eggplant and capsicum seedlings that I have no space for at home, so I will need to squeeze them into the veggie patch too.  The patch is already too small for what I want to grow!

Potatoes in the veggie patch

Potatoes in the veggie patch

Road opening through the blackberries

Road opening through the blackberries

We cut another opening to the maze through the blackberries, this time from Water Tank Road to make room for the water meter. Eug had to cut through the fence which was buried under the bushes and completely fallen over. The view from here is great, and we don’t get to see it enough, yet!

This month we also contracted someone to mow the grass because our push mower just cannot get through the tough long grasses, and was merely flattening them. We had got the blades sharpened but they have been damaged from cutting the new blackberry shoots and running over rocks and thick blackberry roots.  They will need to be replaced.  The contractor probably took an hour to cover the hectare, where we take about two days of gruelling pushing over tussocks and mounds, up and down the hill and also through the maze.  A $165 well spent.

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