19 September 2015

Over the past month the block has been awash with daffodils – a quite unusual looking specimen.  We wonder if it is a particular strain unique to the Block.



Specimen daffodil

Specimen daffodil

We had a visit from a group of sheep a few weeks back which accounts for the droppings all over the paddock and also the chewed tops of the fruit trees.  I had to rush back the next day to secure the safety of trees by surrounding them with heavy duty wire and re-mulching. One of the trees, perhaps a pear, (I can’t remember the order I planted them) is possibly dead as the damage is all the way down to the grafting point on the tree.  There is no sign of life to date.  The other trees, a cherry, pear and the dwarf apple should be fine.  We propped up the fallen down fence so the sheep probably won’t be back, but the wire will also deter any other animals- kangaroos, possums and rabbits.

The blackberry bushes are all gone now in the South West corner and the Western boundary.  I worked really hard clipping, raking, and re-clipping the new shoots that constantly threaten to overtake again.  We should be ready to mow along those boundaries now.  I also put together a compost bin made of 3 pallets.  I dug some trenches for them to slot into and strung them together.

The Teepee

The Teepee



The girls have been having fun too!

We had another burn off today – three fires of blackberry stalks and dead wood.  It was smokey and awful, but we felt it was the lesser of two evils – chemicals or smoke from fire.  There are no piles left.  We decided that the remainder of the blackberries, the maze on the northern boundary, would remain until after the Autumn harvest.  We just don’t have the capacity to commit to maintain clearing the width of blackberries on the northern boundary, as well as the southern and western boundaries.  It will be hard work over Spring and Summer just to keep on top of what we have cleared to date.  And anyway, it’s getting boring.  We want to plant some more trees, some veggies and some insect attracting flowers.

My greenhouse is now operational at home and I am raising heirloom tomatoes in enormous quantities, and just waiting on the arrival of my big order of Diggers seeds. The next priority before Summer hits is to fix up the guttering on the shed and get the water tank operational.  We need to get a quote soon!

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