21 June 2015

Today was a break through day for our Mental Bloch.  I turned 45, it turned one and 4 wonderful Lombardy Poplars were welcomed into the family.  On a beautiful winter day where the frost did not leave the shadows but the sun was warm and welcoming, we also lit our first bonfires.  This proved more difficult than we first thought, with the two boy scouts struggling to get a match alight despite the added inflammatories of diesel and firelighters.  In the end it was good ole bushcraft and ensuring plenty of kindling that got the blaze underway.  Once lit they quickly consumed voluminous quantities of clippings.  By the time we sat down for lunch with Grandma and the aunts, all of whom had pitched in nobly, five mounds of waste had vanished into the ether.  We sat down to picnic on quiche made from our home laid eggs, and remnants of birthday cake, as the last golden light of the solstice crept westward.  A wonderful day at the Bloch.

The open lane

The open lane



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