9 May 2015

The block was a mess of stalks and dead wood, the grass growing long again and blackberry shoots emerging green against the brown mass of slashed brambles.  Over the last few weeks I labored with the hedge clippers hardly making an impact.  However, now that Eug has returned and with him the lawn mower, the battle for supremacy was won by us today.  Eug mowed the old blackberry patches in the middle, while I raked and cleared stalks by the shed.  Mowing consolidated my work and made it appear much neater.  We piled four or five high stacks for burning off, though they would make great mulch eventually if we could manage it.  There is no shortage if we decide mulch in the future.

9 May 2015
9 May 2015
9 May 2015

9 May 2015

We attempted to prop up the southern boundary fence by driving the existing rotten posts further into the ground. They are clearly not so rotten as I imagined, and we succeeded in getting about three quarters of the fence upright.  The rest is still overgrown with a tangled mess of stalks which need raking.  Star pickets would be useful.

We dug some holes to plant some seeds the girls had collected.  Leonora planted 3 walnuts, a mystery seed and a nectarine.  We will wait for the spring to see if anything emerges as chilling hours are required.  We marked the places with a stick though further protection will be needed in late winter before growth starts.  Walnuts may be tricky as the leaves are toxic and fallen leaves may affect plants in the vicinity.  Leonora has made a drawing of where they are planted.

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