28-29 March 2015

We hired the brushcutter again for the weekend and Eug began clearing the southern boundary, west of the shed, and continued up the western boundary on both sides of the fence.  When the girls and I arrived on Sunday I began slashing the blackberries on the roadside from the shed to the eastern boundary.  After 3 hours I was exhausted and gladly handed the brushcutter over to Eug.  The noise is constant and annoying and the smell of petrol unpleasant.  I attempted to rake the leftovers into heaps reading for burning, but there is a huge pile just outside the gate, almost on the road, which I didn’t have the energy to move.


The fence has been flattened toward the middle of the length of this boundary, by the weight of the blackberries.  Fence posts are completely rotten and we had accidentally cut the wire in places with the brushcutter.  We will need to remove the fencing altogether and dump it at the tip.  The down side of not having a fence is not being able to keep dogs out.  There is some evidence of them up in the maze.

On Monday it was a balmy Autumn day, hazy with smoke from planned burns.  We met Mum and Dad at Ballan and brought them to the block to collect as many blackberries as possible in the closing days of harvest.  They must have collected another 3 kilos, enough to make jam the next day, looking after the kids while I went to my work placement.

We will not be able to complete the southern boundary fence line clearing now until after Eug returns from o’seas.  By then it will be nearly winter. In the meantime the hedge clippers will have to do in tidying up the mess.  The amount of work to do is overwhelming, yet strangely we did not recognise this fact before we started clearing with the brushcutter.  It is only now we have started in earnest that we realise how much more there is to do.

Here’s a nicer view from the top (or as close as I can get without getting stuck in the maze) to lift the spirits!  We can see the road now!

Looking south from the top

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