1 March 2015


Today was one of those days when the block yielded real rewards for all the hard work.  Firstly it was looking particularly beautiful and even manageable on a fine Sunday.  As the clouds rolled over, flushing the block with sunshine it seemed like the first hint of Autumn had arrived.  The old trees surrounding the block, the oaks up toward the Mt Egerton Road and an ancient elm near the CFA shed looked particularly august!

And the work we did really seemed to yield results.  Using the lawn mower to trim the ground shoots and mulch the old cuttings, Eug made the maze paths almost respectable.  I cut away all the overhanging shoots.  On completion it felt, illusory as it may be, that we had the blackberries under control.

Then the real fun began.  The girls had a head start on us – perhaps two hours of sporadic picking, but at last the wild tangle of spikey weeds that had been our enemy so far were yielding up rewards.  Within an hour we had 3-4 kilos of blackberries and had barely touched the supply.  The thought of all the wonderful things we could and would do with them – dessert, jam, sauces – made it addictive and delightful.  We plan to go back for even more.

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