1 February 2015

Top - north

The blackberry maze at northern boundary

Today I went to view Eug’s mowing adventure last week and yes, the Block looks great.  The grass has been mowed at the highest setting, so it’s not short, however it looks pretty neat.  Eug is not one for long straight lines, rather sections at a time, some triangular, some square, others indescribable.  The air smells beautiful and fresh, and it is once again easy to walk up the hill from the shed to the north western entrance to the maze to view the effectiveness of the last efforts to clear the blackberries from the path.  Not bad.  There is already some regrowth, so the growing season is still not over.

I started clipping from the centre of the maze and headed east.  I clipped the long stems running along the ground kicking with my feet to make sure the earth was visible below.  The stalks are then kicked into the path borders, forming a hedge of mulching material.  Every blackberry shoot is cut as close to the ground as possible with the view to running the lawn mower over them within the next few weeks.  I then continued along the lower path toward the eastern boundary, falling short of the big tree almost in the corner of the Block.  It was time to go, and though I achieved much, it was not a day of great discovery or excitement. Just plain hard work and the sense that maintenance is the primary focus from now until winter.

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